The world’s smallest and thinnest ICD.1 / Boston Scientific provides devices tailored to individual needs. Up to 20% smaller and 24% thinner than some other ICDs on the market,2 the MINI offers all the power of a Boston Scientific ICD in a device that is the industry’s sleekest and designed for patient comfort.

Models D010, D011, D012, and D013

  • The world’s smallest and thinnest high-energy ICD designed to enhance patient comfort.
  • Includes the new EasyView™ header with color coded lead ports, designed to improve implant efficiency.
  • Offers an uncompromised set of features including:

– An advanced system solution for patient comorbidities and HF monitoring (HF Perspectiv™ report, LATITUDE™ NXT Remote Patient Management* enabled with weight scale and blood pressure sensors, and Respiratory Rate Trend).

– AcuShock™ Advanced Technology, multiple programmable options to reduce inappropriate and unnecessary shocks, including a choice of rhythm discriminators, antitachycardia pacing (ATP) therapy in all rates zones, and advanced sensing and filtering.

– AV Search+ and RYTHMIQ™ which gives clinicians options to appropriately manage RV pacing in patients with varying degrees of conduction block.

– SafetyCore™ technology intended to provide lifesaving shock therapy and basic pacing functionality in the event of an unrecoverable fault.


Mechanical Specifications

Model Type Size (cm)
(W x H x D)
Connector Type
D010 VR 5.23 x 6.71 x 0.99 60.0 26.5 RV:DF4
D012 DR 5.23 x 7.03 x 0.99 62.5 28.0 RA:IS-1;RV:DF4
D011 VR 5.23 x 7.14 x 0.99 61.9 28.5 RV:IS-1/DF–1
D013 DR 5.23 x 7.14 x 0.99 62.3 28.5 RA:IS-1;RV:IS-1/DF–1


Pulse Generator Projected Longevity (All INOGEN MINI ICD Models a,b,c,d)



  Longevity (years) at 500Ω, 700Ω, and 900Ω Pacing Impedance (RV)
  500Ω 700Ω 900Ω
0% 5.5 5.3 5.5 5.3 5.5 5.3
15% 5.4 5.1 5.4 5.1 5.5 5.1
50% 5.2 4.7 5.3 4.7 5.3 4.8
100% 4.9 4.2 5.0 4.3 5.1 4.4



a Assumes ZIP™ telemetry use for 1 hour at implant time and for 40 minutes annually for in-clinic follow-up checks.

b Assumes standard use of the LATITUDE™ Communicator as follows: Daily Device Check on, monthly Full Interrogations (scheduled remote follow ups, and quarterly patient-interrogations).

c Assumes 60 bpm LRL, ventricular and atrial settings of 2.5 V pacing pulse Amplitude and 0.4 ms pacing pulse width; RA Impedance 500; sensors On.

d Projected longevity is calculated assuming 3 maximum energy charging cycles per year, including automatic capacitor re-forms and therapeutic shocks. For the final year of device service, an additional 5 charging cycles are assumed to account for additional automatic capacitor re-forms as the device approaches the Explant indicator. These calculations also assume 3-channel EGM Onset is set to On,and that the pulse generator spends 6 months in Storage mode during shipping and storage.


Longevity Information

  • For longevity calculations based on different settings please contact Boston Scientific technical services or your local representative.
  • Boston Scientific devices have a limited product warranty of 5 years (VR and DR) in available geographies. See for complete warranty terms and conditions.
  • Devices use Li/MnO2 battery chemistry.
  • The usable battery capacity is 1.0 Amp-hours for the MINI ICD (typical implant to battery capacity depleted).
  • Shelf life is 2 years (before use by date).