Quadripolar LV Leads / ACUITY™ X4 Quadripolar LV leads are the first and only LV leads uniquely designed to promote non-apical pacing options, helping physicians to pace from an optimal site for improved CRT response.

ACUITY X4 leads are designed to improve delivery and optimize pacing performance.

The ACUITY X4 family of leads include 3 unique electrode configuration choices across multiple tip shapes, each offering the industry’s smallest 2.6F tip and 5.2F lead body.

  • The industry’s only quadripolar LV lead family that offers dual fixation through 3D spiral and tined fixation mechanisms
  • Long, straight tapered tip for accessing tortuous anatomy
  • Inner catheter deliverable


ACUITY X4 offers Unique 3D Spiral Shape.

  • 3D shape presses electrodes against vessel walls, improving threshold performance of proximal electrodes
  • Electrodes oriented around the circumference of the spiral to increase chances that at least one of three electrodes will be adjacent to the myocardium in any coronary vasculature location


ACUITY X4 leads are redefining quadripolar pacing to improve CRT response.

Because the electrodes are uniquely placed around the circumference of the lead, the 3D spiral models are able to overcome challenges in mid-base (proximal) ventricular regions.

  • ACUITY X4 leads offer multiple electrode configuration options to promote non-apical pacing within even the most complex vasculature
    • Designed to place more electrodes in a mid or basal location.
    • Proximal location may increase your chances of pacing non-apically


Product Specifications


86cm - 4671

95cm - 4672

86cm - 4674

95cm - 4675

86cm - 4677

95cm - 4678

Electrode Spacing 4.0cm: 12mm, 12mm, 12mm 6.0cm: 20.5mm, 7.5mm, 7.5mm; Radiopaque Marker 7.5cm: 35.5mm, 7.5mm, 7.5mm; Radiopaque Marker
Fixation Method Tines

- Tines

- 3D Spiral

- Tines

- 3D Spiral


Compatibility IS4-LLLL
Delivery Method Over the wire
Recommended Guide Catheter Size 0.081 in (2.06 mm) minimum inner diameter
Proximal Body 5.2F (1.7mm)
Distal Body 3.9F (1.3mm)
Distal Tip 2.6F (0.9mm)
Insulation Material  
External Insulation Polyurethane and silicone
Internal Insulation Polyurethane, silicone, ETFE
Conductor Material  
Coil (pin to distal electrode) Low titanium MP35N
Cable (rings to proximal electrodes) Low titanium MP35N with tantalum core
Material IROX coated platinum iridium
Tip Electrode Surface Area 4.1mm2
Proximal Electrode Surface Area 8.3mm2
Steroid Dexamethasone acetate
Suture Sleeve Radiopaque white silicone, three grooves
Accessories included Vein pick, ACUITY X4 Flushing Tool/Wire Guide, ACUITY X4 Connector Tool