Ablation Catheter / The INTELLATIP MIFI™ OI Ablation Catheter combines Boston Scientific’s proprietary MicroFidelity (MiFi) mini-electrode sensor technology for Unparalleled Clarity with our open-irrigated Total Tip Cooling™ design for Cool Performance.

Product Details

Unparalleled Clarity. Cool Performance.

Unparalleled Clarity

IntellaTip MiFi's Unique Catheter Design


3 Sophisticated Mini-Electrodes 

  • Enable localized recording of a small area
  • Deliver signals of unparalleled clarity
  • Allow multiple channels for highly localized EGMs



Cool Performance

IntellaTip MiFi's Unique Catheter Design


Total Tip Cooling Design

  • Dual cooling chambers uniformly cool the entire tip internally
  • Optimized flow pattern actively washes entire tip electrode externally
  • Consistent cooling throughout RF delivery


Curve Styles and Options:

Standard Radius Curve

Standard Curve

Large Radius Curve (K2)

Large Curve

Asymmetric 4 Curve (N4)

Assymetric Curve

Catheter configurations are illustrative representations only and may not reflect actual performance.


Ordering Information

Electrode Configuration: Quadripolar

Electrode Spacing 2.5mm


Model Number Shaft Size Tip Size Curve Style Shaft Length
M004 PM9620 0 7.5F 7.5F/4.5mm Standard 110cm
M004 PM9620K2 0 7.5F 7.5F/4.5mm Large 110cm
M004 PM9620N4 0 7.5F 7.5F/4.5mm Asymmetric 110cm


Cables and Accessories  


Model Number Description
M004 627 0 INTELLATIP MIFI OI Ablation Catheter Cable (10 ft)

M004 1212 0

INTELLATIP MIFI Filter Module (reference cable included)

M004 3636 0

Reference Cable from Filter Module to Pod (32 in)

M004 653S 0

Cable from Filter Module or Pod to Recorder (2 required)

M004 117 0

METRIQ™ Irrigation Tubing Set.



Catheter Cable

Model No. M004 627 0

Bifurcated design connects the catheter to the Filter Module and Pod

Total length – 10 ft.


IntellaTip MiFi Filter Module


Filter Module

Model No. M004 1212 0

Provides passive filtration of

Allows for the information from mini-electrodes to be visualized on the recording system

Designed to work with the Maestro Controller


IntellaTip MiFi Reference Cable


Reference Cable

Model No. M004 3636 0

Connects Filter Module to Pod

To minimize system noise, 
keep cables untangled

Total length – 32 in.