BLAZER™ Open Irrigated

Temperature Ablation Catheter / The BLAZER Open Irrigated Catheter, with its Total Tip Cooling™ design, provides an elegant cooling platform with the robust handling capabilities of the historical BLAZER platform to provide performance and efficacy.

Product Details

Cool Performance. Confident Handling.

Proven BLAZER Performance Characteristics

  • Bidirectional Steering
  • Predictable trackability and torqueability
  • Fine Micromovements
  • Exceptional Tip Stability and Contact

Curve Style and Options

  • Standard
  • Large
  • Large / Extra Long
  • Asymmetric


Ordering Information

Electrode Configuration: Quadripolar
Electrode Spacing: 2.5mm

Catheter Model Number Shaft Size Tip Size Curve Style Shaft Length
M004 9620 0  7.5F 7F/4mm Standard Curve 110cm
M004 9620K2 0  7.5F 7F/4mm Large Curve 110cm
M004 9620 K2E 0  7.5F 7F/4mm Large Curve Extra Long 115cm
M004 9620N4 0  7.5F 7F/4mm Asymmetric Curve 110cm




 Model Number Description
M004 671 0 BLAZER OI to MAESTRO 4000 Cable
M004 117 0 METRIQ™ Irrigation Tubing Set
M004 4100 0 METRIQ™ Pump