Fixed Curve Diagnostic Catheter / The softness you want, the stability you need. The WOVENFLEXIE™ Diagnostic Catheter has the same features and functions that have made WOVEN™ catheters a favorite among electrophysiologists. The WOVENFLEXIE™ catheter was introduced in response to physician requests for a softer tip to complement its exceptional stability.

Product Details

  • Soft durometer polyurethane reduces the risk of distal tip trauma and contributes to tip stability for clean, crisp signal quality.

  • The WOVEN™ catheters exhibit bioflexibility as a result of its proprietary polyurethane woven shaft construction. Bioflexibility allows the catheter to soften at body temperature and conform to endocardium for excellent contact and stability.
  • WOVEN™ catheters come in a variety of configurations to meet virtually any diagnostic need.