Bridge Occlusion Balloon

A tear in the Superior Vena Cava (SVC) during a lead extraction procedure is rare, occurring in just 0.05% of cases. But when a tear does occur, the Bridge Occlusion Balloon can be quickly deployed to stem blood loss and allow time for transition to surgical repair.


A bridge to control

The Bridge occlusion balloon can be deployed in less than two minutes via a pre-placed guidewire.² Bridge is easy to use, with no additional balloon preparation required. Radiopaque markers guide proper placement. Bridge is designed to cover the entire length and diameter of the SVC in 90% of patients.³

A bridge to safety

Once deployed, the Bridge occlusion balloon can dramatically reduce blood loss by up to 90% on average in tears up to 3.5 cm.⁴ With proper Bridge utilization, SVC tear survival in patients has gone from 56.4% to 91.7%.¹

A bridge to stability

Bridge occlusion balloon can provide at least 30 minutes of acceptable hemostasis⁵ - time to stabilize your patient and transition to surgery. With Bridge, the surgical team can approach the repair in a controlled setting with a clear field of view.


Catheter length 90 cm
Balloon diameter: (nominal) 20 mm
Balloon length: (nominal) 80 mm
Maximum OD: (crossing profile) 4mm / 0.157"
Minimum tip ID 0.9mm / 0.035”
Maximum inflation volume 60 cc

Model Number 590-001

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