The AGENT™ Paclitaxel Drug Coated Balloon catheter, with its innovative TransPax™ coating technology1, provides a targeted, therapeutic dose of proven, anti-proliferative Paclitaxel to the lesion2. It was designed to minimise downstream particulates while maintaining the outstanding deliverability you’ve come to expect with Boston Scientific products.

Optimal dose of 2µg/mm2 compared to 3µg/mm2 of market leading DCBs efficiently achieves sustained benefits of Paclitaxel2 over time.

Optimized Drug Transfer

  • TransPaxTM coating ensures targeted delivery of Paclitaxel†
  • Optimal dose of 2 μg/mm2 compared to 3 μg/mm2 of market leading DCBs‡

Outstanding Deliverability5

  • AgentTM DCB offers exceptional deliverability leveraging the EMERGETM PTCA Catheter:
  • Designed to navigate and cross challenging lesions
    • Ultra-low tip profile
    • Bi-segment inner shaft: flexible distal segment and pushable  proximal segment.

Enhanced Coating Integrity

  • Balanced hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties of Trans PaxTM coating ensures balloon reaches the lesion with the optimal amount of drug for your patient.
  • Fewer particulates are lost distally during the procedure

Agent Infographic


History for Paclitaxel on cardiovascular space

How it works*

Once the DCB has been deployed, the durable TransPax coating:

1. Ensures that a consistent drug dose is delivered to a lesion*

2. Binds with microtubules to inhibit proliferation of smooth-muscle cells*

3. Enables healing by selectively impacting cells that cause restenosis while allowing healing of endothelial cells*

Infographic of TransPax Coating Technology

Safety and performance*

Enhanced Coating Integrity

Enhanced Coating Integrity*

Designed to improve coating durability and drug transfer efficacy, allowing for a lower dosage of Paclitaxel*

Optimized Drug Transfer

Optimized Drug Transfer°

Balanced hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties allow efficient drug transfer to the vessel wall

Minimized Systemic Loss

Minimized Systemic Loss

Less particulates and systemic loss while optimizing arterial tissue Paclitaxel levels.