Our line of SENTAI guidewires is designed with our customers’ most important performance requirements in mind; to provide physicians with the tools to successfully treat the simplest to most complex patients.

SENTAI Guidewires

Boston Scientific collaborated closely with Japan-based FMD Co., Ltd. (Future Medical Design) in the development of its new line of SENTAI coronary guidewires.  FMD is a leading design and manufacturing firm for interventional guidewire technology, and the exclusive global supplier of the SENTAI family of wires, which includes 3 frontline workhorse wires (SAMURAI™, SAMURAI RC, AND MARVEL™), 6 specialty crossing wires (FIGHTER™, JUDO™ 1, JUDO™ 3, JUDO™ 6, HORNET™ 10, and HORNET™ 14) and 1 extension wire (STRETCH™).

JUDO 1 Guidewire 

HORNET 10 Guidewire

JUDO 3 Guidewire 

HORNET 10 Guidewire

JUDO 6 Guidewire 

HORNET 10 Guidewire