Easy to Use. Hard on Calcium. ROTAPRO Rotational Atherectomy System is the gold standard mechanism of action on an easy to use platform.


The ROTAPRO Rotational Atherectomy System console regulates the flow of air to the advancer, controlling burr rotation speed. It also monitors and displays burr rotation speed and rotational atherectomy procedural time. The console may be powered by both nitrogen and compressed air.


  • Vibrant Digital Display – Enhanced feedback and deceleration indicator
  • Streamlined Connections – Quick and easy setup
  • IV Pole Clamp – Installation flexibility



The ROTAPRO Rotational Atherectomy system features an Advancer which is used to control movement of the burr. The advancer can be purchased individually. 

ROTAPRO Advancer

  • Easy-to-use Controls – Incorporated on the advancer
  • Ergonomic Dynaglide™ Design – Simple system removal
  • Hybrid Harness – Improved cable management



The ROTAPRO Atherectomy System offers multiple burr size options to achieve predictable lumen size.






ROTAWIRE™ Drive Guidewires are designed specifically for use with the ROTAPRO Rotational Atherectomy System.

ROTAWire™ Guidewires

  • Steerability – able to navigate calcified lesions with 1:1 torque through tortuous anatomy, providing access for ROTAPRO Rotational Atherectomy System
  • Tip Design - .014” platinum coil to provide visibility during Rotation atherectomy
  • Core Wire – one-piece core wire with Asahi technology, transmits torque for predictable steering

Choose between the  ROTAWIRE™ Drive Floppy or  ROTAWIRE™ Drive Extra Support models depending on procedure requirements.





ROTAGLIDE is a lipid based emulsion designed to lubricate the ROTAPRO System.*

  • Reduces friction and improves tactile feel
  • Reduces heat build-up around the ROTAPRO burr
  • Reduces sudden drops in RPMs caused by lesion feedback

*Contraindicated if patient is allergic to eggs or olive oil