WOLVERINE Cutting Balloon delivers industry-leading performance with: improved crossability and deliverability, precise, controlled cutting, and a proven mechanism of action.

Product Details

What is a Cutting Balloon?

Coronary cutting balloon is intended for opening coronary arteries in those circumstances where a resistant lesion is encountered and unable to be opened with traditional balloon angioplasty.

What Makes This Product Unique?

Traditional balloon angioplasty can result in complications like vessel dissection, poor luminal gain, lesion recoil, balloon slippage, and poor stent apposition.

The unique design of the WOLVERINE Cutting Balloon combines a proprietary atherotome and low pressure balloon design to directly address each of these complications.

Wolverine Cutting Balloon Diagram

1. Bumper Tip
2. Atherotomes
3. Z-Glide™ Hydrophilic Coating
4. Midshaft

5. Proximal Marks
6. Hypotube/Corewire Assembly
7. Manifold

Technology Overview

WOLVERINE Cutting Balloon delivers industry-leading performance with:

  • Improved crossability and deliverability
  • Precise, controlled cutting
  • A proven mechanism of action

The result is optimal lumen gain with thorough vessel preparation.

Wolverine Cutting Balloon Catheter

Atherotome Comparison

A smaller profile is achieved through the reduction in the T‑Slot height.

Wolverine Cutting Balloon Dilation Catheter T Slot Height ReductionWolverine Atherotome – Smaller Profile Cutting Balloon